We believe that making a great Extra Virgin Olive Oil requires constant care and dedication to the details, that's why quality is the cornerstone of all our processes.

We produce our EVOO from fresh, tasty olives grown in our own 1360 acres orchards, located at the foot of the Ancasti range, where the rich soil, abundant sun and mountain water give us the necessary conditions for the different varieties of olives to flourish.

We harvest our olives with care, and press them within twelve hours of picking, so that all the attributes present in the fruit become part of the EVOO that you enjoy.

The Mills, located at the heart of the farm, have been built to the state of the art, and certified ISO 9000 and HACCP, proof of our commitment to excellence and quality.

Olive Oil is the pure juice of the olives, a noble product with a rich history. We continue the tradition started by the Spanish 420 years ago with the introduction of the first olive trees in the north of Argentina but with the implementation of the best technology and processes. The result can be tasted. We invite you to try our Extra Virgin Olive Oil!